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Not sure what tenancy deposit protection is?

In England and Wales there is a very clearly defined mechanism to ensure tenant deposits are protected and not open to inappropriate use. Deposits are protected in one of three government backed schemes. Our checker allows you to find out whether or not deposits have been properly protected.

Schemes We Search

There are three deposit protection services in the UK and all landlords are legally obligated to protect your deposit in one of the schemes. We search the DPS (Deposit Protection Scheme), My Deposit and the TDS (Tenancy Deposit Scheme) at the same time in order to check if your deposit has been protected.

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For Tenants

If you are a tenant and you would like to find out more about your responsibilities and rights when it comes to your deposit then we can help.

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For Landlords

As a landlord you are responsible for making sure all of your tenant deposits are protected. You can use our tool and information to make sure you are compliant.

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For Agents

If your business is involved in tenancy agreements and the holding of deposits you need to make sure you are compliant, our free advice and checking tool can help.

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